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She Lives Fearless

Exhale Devotional Book by Holly Newton

Exhale Devotional Book by Holly Newton

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A 90-day interactive devotional with journal included. Written by She Lives Fearless Founder, Holly Newton.

Each daily reading has a section called Linger where you are invited to linger in God's word and presence as you seek Him in your story. On every seventh day, there is a section called Pause and Ponder where you are invited to look across the previous week at your journaling in Linger to take time to ponder all that God is speaking to you. 

In Holly's personal journey, she has learned that in pausing and pondering on the truths of God, we receive revelation and healing.

Even our deepest desires realized can't compare with the soul-rest that comes from abiding in God and His presence. We long for something more than anything or anyone in this world can fulfill. Yet striving to achieve comes almost as naturally as breathing. God's Kingdom is the opposite. He created us for rhythms of grace and rest in His strength through the power of the Holy Spirit. 
We want God's will for our lives, but when we try to work it out in our own strength, it becomes daunting. When our daily rhythms are dependent on what we can accomplish, we burn out; we give up, we fear, we lose our identity. 
This 90 Day Devotional is for you if you've ever been:

Tired of doubting
Tired of comparing
Tired of striving
Tired of fear
Tired of being tired 
True rest isn't found in a vacation or holiday. It can be found every single day by intentionally shifting your thoughts, mind, and heart toward the Lord.


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